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Grepolis Cheats is a program for a web browser based strategy game that takes place in Ancient Greece. Gamers start out with a small ‘polis’ or town and will have to expand it into a prospering Aegean metropolis. Every gamer operated town starts at the shore of 1 of the numerous isles that inhabit the globe. Most cities are NPC controlled Agriculture Villages that may be pillaged by nearby gamers. You can find three vital resources in the game, Wood, Rock, and Silver all of which are made at various houses. Farms are likewise needed to elevate your town's inhabitance and warehouses raise the limit of resources gamers are able to store. After getting their economies set up, gamers will have to prepare land soldiers, vessels, as well as mythological beasts to defend their selves from attackers in this open player-vs-player surroundings. To get the Grepolis Hack click the download button below!

Grepolis Cheats: Grepolis Hack Tool

Watch How It Works

Download the Grepolis Cheats Tool
Unpack the ".zip" file
Run hack
Enter your username
Select wood/rock/silver to be added
Press 'Start Hack' and wait for the success message

About Grepolis and why this site was created

Grepolis Cheats was created for free MMO browser game that has recently brought over to the US servers. The object of the game is to build cities and a military that can conquer and take cities away from other players. You must work with other players forming alliances and eventually take control of the many islands that make up the game map. Each island contains space for twenty city slots and once your alliance controls an island, you can build a world wonder near the end game. To get to the end game will take roughly two years depending on the amount of players and the number of cities built.

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The very first server of the game was settled on the 10th of January 2010, and it was called “Alpha”. Also, the other server names that followed were “Beta” and “Gamma”, and they matched the Greece theme perfectly. Similarly, you will be glad to find out that the game provides Facebook connectivity as well, thus you will not need to struggle to register to a different service (get the cheats above). The servers feature many differences apart from their names. Some are faster, some slower, and each one presents different characteristics, thus you must read the description carefully before making any choice. Also, you should opt for a server which has an increased speed, like Gamma, as this will prove to be extremely useful during the game. Tags - Grepolis hack.

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The game (like its counterparts) are quite easy to learn, provided that you have played other games of the same genre. The tutorial was actually rather quick, and runs you through some of the mundane tasks you do in your game career, but it does leave at least 80% of the system to learn on your own. There is a help page, but I would rather see tutorials tackle most of the basics rather than have everyone do some hefty FAQ reading before enjoying the game (it IS a game after all--- not research). Tag - Grepolis Cheats
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The site is advertised as a free to play game. Which it is. However the game does offer in game gold which can be purchased to give you extra benefits such as, bonus to fighting strength of units, increased favor from the gods, increased amount of resources, and trade, programs that can help improve battle plans when working with your alliance, not to mention you can drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to build your city, your military, and complete research. To remain competitive with other players, you will need to spend at least a minimum of $80 US every month (download the game hack above). They do offer surveys or items you can purchase for free gold from outside companies, but most players have found little of none of them working correctly and giving the players the bonus gold. Tag - Grepolis Hack
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As you can see, playing the game needs a lot of real money to be competitive. For that, Grepolis hack was created so that everybody could enjoy the game and not only those who have deep pockets. To get the Grepolis cheats click the download button above.
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